Fearfully Ambient Quetzacoatls?!

I get a lot of questions! Almost daily! Usually the same ones over and over! Obviously, this calls for a FAQ. So here is one!

[New questions added as I get sick of answering them repeatedly :P]

Personal Info

Age: 35

Name: Kit

Gender: agender

Pronouns: it/its/itself or he/him/himself

Relationship status: taken, several times over, and not looking.

Non-furry influences: Monet, Van Gogh, H R Giger, Ricefish, Ursula Vernon, Boris Vallejo, Michael Whelan, Bluefooted, James Gurney, Thelwell, Bill Waterson, Luis Royo, Loish, Chaotic-Muffin, Mooncalfe, Jason Chan, RJ Palmer, Aaron Blaise, etc

Furry influences: Dark Natasha, TomHoshino, MiuPix, Dr Comet, ECMajor, Goldenwolf, Kaji, Nimrais, Seely, Onta/Doxy, CadmiumTea, Vantid, Loba North, Rah-Bop, Nambroth, Kenket, Kyoht, Balaa, SixthLeafClover, Chival, Saturnine, Antique, Miles-DF, Hibbary, Silverfox5213, Jay Axer, etc

Locale: San Jose, CA, USA

IMs: farorenightclaw on Telegram; email for public Discord server link

Email: farore.nightclaw[at]gmail.com

Art Stuff

What do you use for digital art?

Clip Studio Paint Pro, with a Wacom Cintiq 16 tablet

What do you use for traditional art?

Watercolors, Copic markers, colored pencils, mechanical pencils, acrylic paint, gel pens, Staedler ink pens. Cold press watercolor paper, Crayola watercolor paper, Bristol board, cardstock paper, canvas board, canvas, cardboard, whatever I find lying around

How do you make your animated stuff?

I draw the frames in Clip Studio Paint, then animate in Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop CS3

What do you use for laminating?

An at-home hobby lamination machine, heat-activated, usually 3 or 5 mil sheets... all stuff you can get from your local Big Box Department Store of choice :)

How Do You Feel About...

Legal drug use?

Taking your medications is useful. Marijuana is legal where I live and I'm fine with that too. Be responsible and it's none of my business

Illegal drug use?

I'd rather not hear about it, but your body is your own


Yes please!

Gift Art?

I love it!! References can be found on the Artwork link at the top

Having your art redistributed?

Free publicity woo! Just don't alter it, and preferably credit me/give a linkback


I don't mind if you want to, as long as credit/linkback is given :) (ON MY STUFF ONLY - I do NOT condone tracing or copying the work of artists who do NOT want their work traced or copied)

Being mailed stuff?

Case-by-case basis, ask first


Always helpful! Let me know who you are so I can thank you properly :) You can drop me a few bucks in the Tip Jar right here

Your art being used for icons/signatures/etc?

Sometimes I'm okay with it, but a lot of my art is commissioned by other people and they might NOT be okay with it, so ask first!

Other Questions

Will you roleplay with me?


Will you do an art trade with me?

Possibly! I'm very picky and often don't have time, but there's no harm in asking (note: I usually only trade for visual artwork [2D, 3D, animation], not music or writing, sorry. Special allowances MIGHT be made, but not likely)

Do you take requests?

Pretty much never, please don't ask

Are you taking commissions?

Usually! Check my FurAffinity journals or sign up for the Mailing List (under Contact)

How did you get the name 'Farore Nightclaw'? Are you a Legend of Zelda fan or something?

I used to go by the handle 'forever_noob', but most people called me 'FN'. When I created a furry persona I wanted to keep those initials. For the last name, I chose Nightclaw because my character's claws were naturally black at the time, something that is uncommon/unnatural for tigers, and because I wasn't particularly creative. The first name is NOT inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time goddess of the same name - at the point I was naming my character, I had not yet played the game, ever. If I recall correctly, the name was pulled off of a baby names website - just looking for female 'f' names I liked. It was either Farore or Felicity - and I'm glad I went with Farore, 'cause I'm not a girl anymore and Felicity is an extremely feminine name XD
I do like the Zelda mythos and enjoyed OoT, but as I said, the name is not related

How did you get into the furry fandom/start drawing furry artwork?

I was introduced to it via a combination of stumbling on the artwork of Dr Comet, Jeremy Bernal, Karabiner, and AimeeKitty pretty much simultaneously, and by meeting furries on the Sinfest webcomic forums, where I was once an active member many eons ago (long before it turned into the nest of TERFs and radfems it is today). I had been drawing my whole life, and at that point was mostly drawing anime-style pin-ups and fan characters. The world of furry art opened up a lot of new possibilities to me and I began creating original characters (and adapting old roleplaying and fan character personas) almost immediately, forcing my friends into the fandom and dreaming of the day when I, too, would be a 'famous furry artist'. Of course, at that point I still wanted to be a fashion designer for a living. Go figure, eh?

Why are those pictures with 'ACEO' in the title so small?

Because an ACEO (that's Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) is a piece of real media artwork that's only 2.5 x 3.5 inches in real life. When I scale the scans down for posting, I put them at a size I think they look good at and one that's in proportion to how much I scale down my other uploads!

Do you answer all your comments?

I try to!

Why is my mail taking so long to arrive?

Because I can only get to the post office once every week or two or three, and because the to-mail pile grows quickly and I am easily overwhelmed by it. If you need it sooner, please e-mail me and we'll work it out

Why do you have two partners? What's a 'polycule'?

Because I love both very dearly and they fulfill different needs and spaces in my life. A polycule is like a family made up entirely of people who are dating each other in some configuration or another; it's a better word for 'group of interconnected polyamorous relatiionships' that doesn't narrow things down like 'couple' or have the sexual implications of 'lovers' (as not all poly relationships are sexual). My polycule includes my wife Cassio, my partner Hale, and Cassio's wife P01D. Learn more about polyamory here!

What does 'altersex' mean? Why isn't it okay to use terms like d*ckgirl and c*ntboy?

That's a big question. Roughly, altersex means 'an individual with non-standard sexual characteristics who is probably cisgender' (though transgender and intersex people are welcome to use the term) such as a femme person with breasts and a penis, a masc person with a flat chest and a vulva, or a nonbinary person with tentacles. You can learn more about this topic on this FurAffinity journal I wrote about it.